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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Earbuds for sports

Best Earbuds for sports

Whether you want to have a fit body or you want to release those stress, sports is a good method to do these two, shooting two birds with one stone. This is because while you are releasing your stress, you are also making your body more fit. However, sometimes, your body does not follow your mind. For example, you may really want to play sports today, but your body lacks the energy to do so. One method of energizing the body to be more active in a certain sport is to play heart-thumping music.

Again, you have to be considerate with the people around you. Your taste or music may not be their taste, so it is better for you to enjoy your music alone with the help of a sport earbud. Be reminded though that it is not always recommended for you to be wearing your earbuds when playing sports. You can only enjoy your music with your earbuds if you are playing alone, and not with a team because in a team, you need to coordinate with the other members and you may not hear them correctly if you are wearing your earbuds. When you are having an individual sport, that is the time that you can freely enjoy your music with your sport earbuds.

When buying sport earbuds, you have to decide first on which type should you buy: wired sport earbuds or wireless earbuds? The word “freedom” is always associated with the wireless sport earbuds. Meaning, you will be free of wires or cords since the wireless earbuds does not have long cords with them. Choose a wireless sport earbuds with a long battery life. Yes, these earbuds come with a battery to power their bluetooth, so you have to choose one with a long battery life so that you can enjoy your music for a long period of time. An excellent bluetooth connectivity is another thing to consider for the wireless earbuds. They should be compatible with your music player so that they can connect with each other easily. A good Bluetooth earbud to try out for sport is the Denon AH-W150 earbuds.

If you choose to have a wired sport earbud instead, you should make sure that the cords have sufficient length to reach your pocket where you normally put your music player, and they should be tangle-free. You don’t want to be annoyed by the cords tangling with each other, so look for one that has cloth-covered cords. The cloth covering prevents the cords from tangling with each other. It also prevents them from tearing out.

No matter what your choice is, be it wired or wireless sport earbud, there is one important thing that you should consider: the fit of earbuds to your ears. A good sport earbud should perfectly fit your earholes and should stay when your are moving around. Look for a sport earbud that comes with different sizes of eartips so that you can determine which size perfectly fits your ear. You can also have a customized eartip but this will cost you additional bucks. Aside from the eartips, the sport earbud should also come with sport clips to help make the earbud stay in place. The sport clips along with the eartips should be made of flexible yet firm material so that they won’t be damaged or broken easily. A sport clip that is made up of silicone is a good one. The sport clip can be comfortably hooked on the inner rim of your ear and supports the eartips in place. The Monster iSport Immersion earbud is a perfect example for this one.
The sound quality should never be neglected no matter what type of earbud you are looking for. Since you will be playing a lot of heart-thumping music, it would be great if you’re going to choose a sport earbud with a good bass quality. The bass quality of the earbud defines how well this accessory can play the low notes that are included in the music. The higher the bass quality, the better.

And, since you will be sweating a lot, the perfect sport earbud should be sweat and water-resistant. The Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear is a sport earbud which is sweat and water resistant. This type of earbud can be washed with water, and they won’t be damaged since they are water-resistant. When you are accidentally caught by the rain outside while you are playing, you don’t have to worry about them because they won’t be damaged easily.

You can also choose a sport earbud that has extra features such as call buttons and track list or volume buttons. The good thing with these features is that they will allow you to answer calls, increase or decrease the volume of the music, skip a song or replay a song, without taking out your music player. You just have to press the correct button and you’re on the go.

Find a sport earbud that has a perfect fit, has a good sound quality, a sweat and water-resistant, has extra features, and has a good price, and you already have the best sport earbud that you can use to enjoy your music when you are playing.